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Some Unusual Effects of the Coronavirus

Rush on toilet paper, planes running empty, drop in the quality of phone calls, dogs and cats thrown out the window … The disturbances caused by the Covid-19 epidemic lead to a cascade of consequences that sometimes go very far. The quarantine of millions of inhabitants, the closure of schools and universities, the shutdown of […]

Understanding and Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain usually takes place when the muscles in this area become weak or injured. The most common cause is muscle strain, but there are other possible culprits as well such as falling, sudden movements, prolonged sitting, and obesity. Yo have large and complex groups of muscles that work together to help support your […]

Hip Flexors Exercises And Why You Should Do Them

Hip Flexors Exercises And Why You Should Do Them Hip flexors are muscles that are often neglected in the gym. They’re not important in the aesthetic sense, and therefore we tend to focus on the more visible muscles instead. However, if your hip flexors aren’t flexible and strong enough, you could set yourself up for […]

How To Properly Stretch Your Hip Flexors

How To Properly Stretch Your Hip Flexors If you have back pain, it is important to understand what the hip flexors are, and to stretch them correctly. It you do not take care of them, the pain can only get worse. Staying seated continuously can cause shortening problems in the muscles of the front of […]

Why You Should Stretch Regularly

Why You Should Stretch Regularly Everyone knows that we should stretch but often people overlook it. The reason is that most people are not aware of its importance. A list of reason why we should stretch might encourage you to be vigilant. Take a look at these reasons why you should stretch. Importance of Stretching […]

What Are The Hip Flexors

What Are The Hip Flexors The hip flexors is a group of various muscles that connect with the hip joint. These muscles allow the femur to easily flex onto the pelvis region. In simpler words, the hip flexor muscles enable the knee to pull up and down. This is how we can bend our back […]