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Why You Should Stretch Regularly

Why You Should Stretch Regularly

Everyone knows that we should stretch but often people overlook it. The reason is that most people are not aware of its importance. A list of reason why we should stretch might encourage you to be vigilant.
Take a look at these reasons why you should stretch.

Importance of Stretching

Stretching in simple words means to extend a part of your body or a muscle group to the fullest of its possible extent. It is an activity that improves muscle flexibility.

Stretching is very important for your body as it prepares your body for exercise. Before stretching it is necessary for you to warm up because activity using cold muscles may lead to injuries. Stretching gives you flexibility, better posture, increases range of motion and coordination.

Stretching helps in keeping muscles strong, flexible and healthy. Flexibility is necessary to maintain the range of motion in the joints. Without flexibility your muscles will become tight then you will be unable to move them all the way. As a result of this, it would put you at a greater risk for strains, muscle damage, and joint pain.

For example sitting in a chair all day long leads to tight hamstrings in the back of the thigh. This results in the inability to straighten your knee and extend your legs. When you try to do activities that stretch them, it hurts and gets damaged. Injured muscle is not strong for supporting joints and results in joint injury.

Regular stretching helps you get a better form for any workout. When you stretch you become flexible. For instance, when you do squats, you can easily do deep squat as well. Your knees and hip flexors will bend further so you can get more out of your workout.

Significance of Stretching for Athletes and Gym Goers

Healthy muscles help an athlete with balance problems to avoid falls. It helps them kick higher, reach longer, move without any body limitations. Apart from this, other benefits include:

Muscle Development and Range of Motion

If you are working out in order to build muscle, then stretching is necessary. It increases your range of motion, allowing you to move more freely. This leads to building your long and full muscles. Moreover, stretching helps you increase your flexibility. As a result, you can perform activities like high kicks and splits. For athletes and gym goers, it is very important to stretch for this reason.

Reduces Injury

Athletes and gym goers have a higher risk of getting injured during training. Stretching is helpful in reducing the risk of getting injured because it elongates your muscle. If you are more flexible, you won’t damage your muscle when you push it.

Warms You

Another importance of stretching is that it is a great way to warm up your body. Your muscles will get activated and your blood flow will reach your muscles and warms them up. It provides your muscles oxygen and other nutrients to help them going.

Muscle Tightness

Your muscles are prone to tightness and require regular stretching. Stretching will give you the required extent of flexibility needed for an athlete or gym goer to perform at best. Some of the muscles that are important to stretch are:

  • Hamstrings
  • Hip flexors
  • Rectus femoris
  • Gastrocs
  • Core muscles

Remember that stretching is very important to all athletes and gym goers. Keep in mind that stretching never hurts, if it hurts you then you should stop. Even though you feel it is a waste of time, just do it. It will pay off in the long run.